Common VW Applications

Whats inside a BlazeCut?

BlazeCut contains HFC-227ea. HFC-227ea finds use in fire suppression systems in data processing and telecommunication facilities, and in protection of many flammable liquids and gases. HFC-227ea falls in the category of Clean Agents and is governed by NFPA 2001 - Standard for Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems. Effective fire suppression requires introducing a concentration of the HFC-227ea agent between 6.25% and 9% depending on the hazard being suppressed. Its NOAEL level for cardiac sensitization is 9%. The United States Environmental Protection Agency allows concentration of 9% volume in occupied spaces without mandated egress time, or up to 10.5% for a limited time. Most fire suppression systems are designed to provide concentration of 6.25-9%.

The HFC-227ea fire suppression agent was the first non-ozone-depleting replacement for Halon 1301.[citation needed] In addition, HFC-227ea leaves no residue on valuable equipment after discharge. HFC-227ea contains no chlorine or bromine atoms, presenting no ozone depletion effect. Its atmospheric lifetime is approximated between 31 and 42 years. It leaves no residue or oily deposits and can be removed by ventilation of the affected space.

As an aerosol propellant, HFC-227ea is used in pharmaceutical metered dose inhalers such as those used for dispensing asthma medication.

How does BlazeCut work?

Quite simply! The BlazeCut tube is heat sensitive. When it reaches a sustained 248*F a hole is melted in the tube forming the nozzle and releasing the HFC-227EA. The HFC-227EA reacts with the oxygen in the air, removing the oxygen and absorbing the heat. The area is cooled and fire starved of the air it needs to burn.

Shouldn't I just buy a fire extinguisher?

You should have a fire extinguisher FIRST! Fire extinguishers and fire suppression systems are two different products. We always suggest you buy a quality fire extinguisher for your car, boat or RV, mounted within easy reach of the driver. Not only can you put out a fire in your car with a hand held fire extinguisher, you can use it to save some one else! Buy a BlazeCut for another layer of defense that works automatically, and is on guard 24x7! Unlike a fire extinguisher, BlazeCut works by itself!

How long does it last?

BlazeCut is a single use product thats lasts up to 10 years depending on application and environment.

What is BlazeCut Rated

BlazeCut is ABC rated.

What type of applications is BlazeCut used for?

BlazeCut can be used in a variety of place. Any place that has a potential of catching fire is a suitable place for a BlazeCut. Some examples are automotive, boats, RV, server cabinets, laser/3D Printers, generators and much more.


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